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Tina Randolph Artist Statement

Drift: the act or instance of being carried along by current of water or air. Drift- a meaning or intent

Drift: a heap of any matter driven together....-to be carried along by currents of water or air.

I often find myself at the end of a day’s work in the simple act of cleaning my trowels, I would admire the beauty of the multiple layers of plaster and cement left on my trowel from other days work. In my minds eye they revealed mini landscapes.
The inspiration for the content of my current body of work comes from..... Nature. These Lost Landscapes are empty, lonely, stark, barren and desolate and for the most part snow covered. These works are based on memory. They are not real places...only snapshots of a moment in time in my imagination. Drift, by definition defined my show. I found myself lost during most of the process…. easily distracted by the small size of the postcard. I started making these postcards as studies for my larger pieces and found each one communicated a full message on it’s own.